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Women and tribal development
The modern concept of development has made the tribes who thrived from cattle rearing, collection of forest produces and little bit of agriculture, to full time agriculturists, which has disturbed their traditional culture and livelihood base. As of now, they too face unemployment, migration, health & sanitation problems and social seclusion from like the mainland population. As a stop gap solution to their present day problems, with a long term view of addressing their tribal specific issues, SEEDS is involved in:
 Country chicken rearing programme to 100 families to increase their family income.
 In association with TRIFED – Bangalore, we train the women on collection, value addition and marketing of forest produce.
 Impart training on LANTANA craft furniture making.
 With support from NABARD, awareness and training programmes are organized on health & sanitation, water conservation & management and environment promotion with multi species tree saplings plantation.
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